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English speaking clients

Paardenpas (established 2004) initially serviced only the Dutch equestrian lovers, but this year we have had clients from France, Canada, Ireland, Belgium, America and Russia. Our website is in Dutch but we can email you everything from information and quotes to confirmations and personal travel itineraries in English. I also speak English so you may also phone. And you can of course always use Google Translate by clicking on the right hand side of your mouse and requesting Google to translate any desired web page. Or ask us to do it for you if you have a special interest.

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A horse riding holiday is a lovely way to discover a country. It will take you to places in nature otherwise not obtainable and you will get closer to wildlife as the scent of the horses over rules. While riding you will bond with your horse. You can easily book a horse riding holiday with us on your own because once there you will meet other horse (sport) lovers who share your passion.  You won't be the first to make friends. Familys, friends, all experience special moments in the saddle. Paardenpas was established in 2004 and is specialized in horse riding holiday all over the world. We offer trail rides through many countries as well as centre based rides bringing you back to your home-away-from home every day. There are horse riding safaris in Africa with lots of excitment when you get up close and personal, accompanied by professional guides. You can stay at a lovely resort/estate in Portugal and endulge in dressage lessons on beautiful Lusitano's or PRE's, engage in some working equitation if you like to test your skills. In the United States of America you can get a tatse of cowboy ranch life and help with the cattle driving or head off into the hills. Gallop in full speed on Moroccan deserts, feel the energy of Marwari-horses in India. Tölt away in Iceland. Whatever you choose, all of our horse riding holidays have a good quality: the horses, the tack, the guides speak English and are professionals. We ensure your transfers is coördinated to suit your flights. We take care of currency differences. We communicate with countries in different time zones and know our partners. Your riding experience is passed on to your hosts before you arrive so they can make a good match with you and your horse. They will have your insurance information and can act in case of emergency. It is possible to get a provisional booking for some days so you can get time off work, discuss with friends and family and plan. You are welcome to book your own flights but we are also happy to help out without charging a booking fee. Once you book a deposit of 20-40% of the amount is required, the remaining amount can be done 10 weeks before departure. You will receive an extensive confirmation and after that a personal travel itinerary stating all relevant information with regard to your trip, such as flights, airport, arrival, pick-up & transfer, hosts, guides, horses, tack, what to bring, insurance, health issues, the country & culture, embassies, visa and passports, vaccinations, culinary (we also pass on your dietary wishes) and much more. Moreover, we are always there should you need us for e.g. a copy of your passport or help contacting others there and at home (we note the names and phone numbers of those staying at home).
Booking via an agent/tour operator is not more expensive. The partners/hosts abroad are the ones who determine the price. If anything, Paardenpas is the one party who can give a discount and if the partners themselves have specials or discounts of course we have the same offers. We often know which ones are coming up and can advise. We also have a discount page. and Paardenpas friends / steady clients also often get a discount.

Feel free to contact Paardenpas before (for advice), during (for help or to say you are having fun) and after (for feedback) your horse riding holiday.
Tel. +31.6.47310175 or Email: Enjoy!
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Health insurance is obligatory when booking a horse riding holdiay. An insurance covering horse riding as a sport is required and otherwise additional insurance is required. We pass on your health insurance details to your host. In the event something occurs that demands hospitalization or transfer by ambulance or helicopter and proof of insurance is requested, your host will have your insurance details at hand. We advise you to bring your insurance card with you nevertheless.

Should You wish to change your booking
If you wish or need to change your booking after we have confirmed it, e.g. a depature date or different accommodation, we will always assist herein as much as possible. Please note that not all changes can be made.

Costs of a change

Time before departure within which you must confirm the change Costs  
More than 70 days None
 14 to 70 days  € 70
 1 to 13 days  € 140
 Less than a day  € 260

Should  You wish to cancel your booking
Cancellation must be done in written form by the person who made the booking (unless deceased or not possible due to health).

Time before departure within which you must confirm the cancellation Costs
More than 70 days Deposit only
 29 to 70 days  50% of the amount
Less than 29 days  100% of the amount

Please note: When the reason of your cancellation is covered by your travel-/cancellation insurance, you can request a refund from your insurance company.

Should We need to change or cancel your booking
Of course we hope we never need to. However, if necessary, we will inform you as soon as possible. This could be the case if the minimum number of participants for a ride is not met. You can then choose for another hosre riding holiday (one of the benefits of booking through an agent) or request a refund minus deposit. If you opt for another riding holiday that is more expensive a surplus payment is required, if the ride costs less, you will be refunded the difference. Flights are not always possible to change or cancel, however, we have had good results in the past.
In general we always advise booking flights only after we have confirmed your horse riding holiday (or horse sport travel).